Alumni Association

About Simpson University's Alumni Association

Simpson’s Alumni Association was instituted in 1963 with the adoption of our Constitution and Bylaws.  Since then, these core documents have been revised and new documents adopted, with the most recent revision adopted in April 2007. Over the years, the association has struggled through long stretches of inactivity, but the current Executive Board is making a strong effort to change that pattern. In September 2000, a newly affirmed board began meeting under the capable leadership of President Doug Patterson. The board not only revised the Constitution and Bylaws, but also created a S.W.O.T. analysis to provide direction and focus.

Amazingly, many alums don’t realize they ARE alumni of the university. Not only are students who have graduated from Simpson considered alumni, but also any traditional undergraduates who, upon withdrawal, have completed 24 credits or more of study. This means many students in their second year at Simpson already qualify as alumni. In the case of ASPIRE or graduate students, only those receiving a degree are considered alumni.  All alums of Simpson are automatically members of the Alumni Association.

The Alumni Association’s principal objectives are to:

  • provide a means of fellowship, support and encouragement for alumni;
  • reach out to and encourage prospective students;
  • create good will among the general public toward Simpson; and
  • assist with the raising of funds for the future of Simpson.

Some of the methods the current board is using to reach these objectives include:

  • developing regional and affinity chapters;
  • supporting events where alumni and students can connect;
  • honoring alums who have made a significant contribution either to the university or to the world in a particular field or profession;
  • funding annual student scholarship awards; and
  • providing alumni various opportunities to participate with their time and talents.
Annually, the Alumni Association awards $1000 to a student in his or her junior year who has engaged in exceptional community service far beyond the requirements of all traditional undergraduates. The association is working toward endowing this award to ensure its longevity. In order to accomplish this task, we will raise $20,000 in addition to the annual award through alumni contributions and fundraising efforts.  Additionally, the association is developing an award for deserving ASPIRE students, thereby providing ASPIRE alumni an opportunity to support a student who otherwise wouldn’t be able to complete their degree.

Alumni who haven’t already registered on this online community can click on 'First Time Login' at the top left of the screen to become a registered user. Users can list as little or as much information as they are comfortable in providing. The process is free and painless and allows members to reconnect with old college friends, engage in professional development and enjoy resources designed especially for Simpson alumni. The Alumni Association Executive Board welcomes member input and would love to hear from you!
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